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  David: Ordinary Man . . . Extraordinary God
Artists: Bob Carlisle, Greg Long, Clay Crosse, Russ Lee, Steve Camp, Scott Krippayne
Label: Discovery House Music/Diamante
URL: <>
Times: 10 tracks/39:01 minutes

What an interesting and intriguing idea--a musical presentation of the life of David performed by an excellent cast of vocalists (together and individually) and backed by a capable orchestra. The intriguing part stops with the idea. What has been released as David: Ordinary Man . . . Extraordinary God sounds exactly like {the ancient, unimaginative} Maranatha! release "He is Exalted" that certainly meant well but had no breadth. The orchestral arrangements sound as if they were culled from the London Symphony Orchestra readings of Jethro Tull or Genesis . . . or the ventures of Gino Vannelli into orchestral accompaniments. The excellent voices do well to salvage two very good moments here: a very fast-paced "Deliver Me" and the Eastern-tinged "Purify Me." There is certainly a story here, but, unfortunately, due to the lackluster musical arrangements, it's incredibly hard to follow, much less to enjoy.

Olin Jenkins   September 4, 2003

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