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Artist: Column 5 
Label: Indy
Length: 73:43

Share, the latest offering from techo mavens Column 5, is a fun, quirky ride through the enchanted land of synth-pop. Column 5 consists of the trio of Darrin Davis, Micah Banes, and Blake Crawford. Crawford handles the producing duties while Davis handles the vocals.

This album is a unique, unusual experience. Not only does Share contain the essential combination of bouncy beats, far-out synths, and dreamy ambience, it also has an unfiltered Christian message that is rare to the synth-pop genre.

This album is essentially a re-release of music from their debut record Faith on the Line. Faith on the Line was an ambitious "concept album" chronicling the story of a military chaplain in the year 2079. Share offers three new songs as well as re-mixes and alternate versions of cuts off the last album. Of the three new songs, the best is the early '90ish get out and dance number "When the Day is Done." The negative? Too many tracks at 16 and not a lot of new material.

Still, Share is pretty good music and a refreshing, positive change from the often dark creations of the electronica circuit. For a trippy experience that is edifying at the same time, check out Share.

Noel Lloyd 7/27/2003


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