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Artist: C.O.G.
Label: PD Soul Entertainment
Length: 14 tracks / 60:32 min

The acronymically named C.O.G. (a.k.a. Child of God) pulls no punches about the praises he wants to sing.  His album Predestined is all about Word and the message contained therein shines through clearly, if not a little too evangelically.  He’s no production maverick, thus the album may come across as a little underproduced to some, but at least he’s adept at keeping things interesting by marrying his simple, oftentimes monotonic beats with soulful vocals (“Lyrical Preachin’”), synth guitars (“God’s Word”), simple beats (the Jabez-inspired “Prayer of Protection”), and even beat boxing and some reggae influences (“Come By Here Lord”).  This is a gospel rap album in the truest sense of the word.

Andree Farias 8/10/2003

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