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Artist: Christafari  
Label: Lion of Zion Entertainment 
Length: 22 tracks / 72:25

Reggae and good vibes go together, and Christafari, under the direction of founding member Mark Mohr, an ordained minister, sings about the true source of genuine happiness (Jesus Christ) with the zeal and mastery of reggae’s greatest. On the band’s fifth album, Gravity, which serves up a whopping 72 minutes (22 tracks) of body-swaying, feet-shuffling dance hall music, Christafari continue their legacy of fusing an unshakably God-centered message with the full intricacies of bona fide Jamaican reggae. In fact, Mohr and his crew embody the full flavor of the sunny, beachside grooves No Doubt has incorporated so successfully into their wildly popular album, Rock Steady.

Christafari is the real deal, and Gravity, a title which Mohr says speaks of people’s inescapable pull toward God, stands tall even in the company of reggae great Bob Marley. This is the first album Mohr has recorded in his new home studio and the first album he’s completed without the financial backing of a large record company. Mohr proves his worth, as Gravity sounds spectacular.

Greg Adams 4/13/03


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