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  For the Love
Artist: Christian Cook
Christin Cook Weird Hair Music CC9652
Running Length: 45 minutes

Near the end of the CD, the selections "If I Had The Time" and "Cause Of Who You Are" are love songs. The first says it is harder to say good-bye the closer you get, and the second song says, "I love you. There is nothing else to say. There's nothing else to do."

What threw me at first is a listing for selection five, but I couldn't find it. Then, I realized that a few notes of the "Pink Panther Theme" is actually number five, "Pink," and also the introduction to number six, the song "You Don't Even Know." OK, so much for creative program writing.

Christin Cook's vocals, the acoustic guitar work of Christin Cook and Paul Moak, and the lyrics, which are haunting, set apart For The Love. One of my favorites is "Silly Things." This is someone reminiscing about all the silly things they did for a guy, like buying some of his favorite boot-cut blue jeans. Then she firmly states, "I'm tired of changing myself for you. What you see is what you get." The other favorite is "Cause Of Who You Are," which is a 3 a.m. song. "Pierce my heart, let it pulse for you, till it's just me responding to you, 'cause of who you are." Something tells me he'll be getting more boot-cut jeans.

Copyright 2003 Marie Asner
Submitted 8/31/03


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