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Artist: Carlton & Paige
Label: World Vision
Time: 7 Tracks   28:23

Praise and worship with a metal edge is what is found on Unshackled. The band consists of two members, Rob and Cheryl, with additional instruments being played by fill in artists. The message throughout the album is clear and presented with strong emotion.

Heavy guitar riffs blended with wanking guitar solo's and strong vocals give the album its heavy attitude. Cheryl has a voice that blends well with the heavy sound. She uses a rocker attitude to really push the message across. "Sometimes I Cry" is the slow song on the album and has more of a blues sound mixed with a piano sound reminiscent of Alicia Keys.

Overall, the album is good, but needs more originality to be great. The message is great and the effort to present it in a more extreme musical style, as compared to most CCM, is evident. The fiery guitar playing and positive message give this band and album a future.

Eric Stephens 9/29/2003


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