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  Freedom Road
Artist: Carlton & Paige
Length: 7 tracks / 36:09

Phil Keaggy provides some guest guitar work on this album by guitarist Rob Carlton and vocalist Cheryl Paige.  You'd think he might have provided some vocals as well, considering the similarity between {his voice and Paige's,} especially on "King of Kings."

Freedom Road is, by and large, a melancholy acoustic-guitar album characterized by interesting song constructions and drawn-out endings.  The verses of the songs overuse words and phrases that you know will be rhymed by "heart," "salvation," etc.  But the choruses are short, to the point, and repeated, which easily facilitates the listener entering into worship.  About half of the songs end with a low-key jam session, which serves to intensify the effect.

This album is much too soft for my personal tastes, but fans of well-composed, light acoustic worship should give it a try.

Dan Singleton 10/8/2003


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