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This is It
Artist: Bride 
Label: Independent
Time: 13 tracks/52:29

Will the real Bride of metal please stand up? Bride, a storied band in the Christian metal band realm, comes back with a vengeance. Having the same solid Classic Metal feel (no not hair band) of previous CDs such as, The Jesus Experience and Snakes in the Playground. Bride comes in and adds some modern metal into the mix. This is It is two different time periods colliding together. The music is metal, the way it should be, not hair, not "nu", not core, just plain and good metal. Bride is fed up with some issues in music, life, and in the world. They're here to announce that,  This is It! Time to bare one's soul, time to stop lying to oneself, time to stop selling Jesus as a commodity, and time to be real to the surrounding world about one's faith and relationship in Christ. This is it is an example of music and metal, new and old, of loving, being true to oneself, being true to others, and admitting to God what he has known all along. That we aren't totally true to our soul and that we've been wrong all along.  Bride brings along a lesson of music and spirituality that is for those who are are young and those who are young at heart, a CD that's for anyone and everyone.

Len Nash 12-08-03

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