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  Electro Blueprints
Artist: Various
Label: Ballastic Test Production
Length: 15 tracks

The label Ballastic Test Production specializes in underground electronic music _and, fittingly,_ their sampler runs the gamut of all that is possible in electronica from industrial to trance to ambience. In general, the instrumental songs on the album seem to work the best. Artists like Non Revanche, Substructure, and Paragon Null lay down tracks that are easy to get into. True Colour of Blood also provides something of interest with the dark atmosphere they bring to the musical soundscape. Of _course, a_ good number of tracks fall short. Regardless, those who like electronic music could definitely fit this CD into their collection nicely. For those who aren't, this album is enough of a novelty in its diversity that it's still worth giving a listen to.

Trae Cadenhead 8/11/2003


Trae Cadenhead is a student at Union University. He is pursuing a Digital Media Studies major with a Film Studies minor and plans to become involved in film making following school. Trae also has an enormous interest in music. Along with writing for the Tollbooth, Trae maintains Loconotion (, a digital archive
of his thoughts on music and movies as well as a gallery of the art and video work he is doing.

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