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  The Revolution Will Begin in the Blink of an Eye, Vol. 1
Label:Mono Vs. Stereo
Time:15 tracks/60:18

Riding on the wave of all the new indie labels out there comes Mono Vs. Stereo, a new contender to throw its weight into the mix. The first serving is The Revolution Will Begin in the Blink of an Eye, Vol. 1. Offering up a diversity of music from smaller signed bands to indie rock and indie hard rock, Mono Vs. Stereo has created a compilation that could help launch the label and also introduce a little taste of things to come with some new music from its flagship band, The Evan Anthem. All the bands on here are either proven small signed artists or underrated independent bands that are sure to please that certain music fan who listens to indie rock.  You also get a song from Matt Thiessen (of Relient K) and The Earthquakes. Mono Vs. Stereo has restarted the new wave of independent music's "revolution era" by taking command of the indie music industry in the blink of an eye.

Len Nash 7/21/2003

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