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  Fields of Grace
Artist:  Big Daddy Weave 
Label: Fervent Records
Time: 11 tracks/37:42 min.
In an industry where an increasing number of bands are taking the "Christians in a band" approach, Big Daddy Weave shows us that the traditional "salvation-oriented" stance still has a place in Christian music.  One close look at this band, and all the assumptions generally affiliated with "mainstream" Christian music melt away.  These guys can easily hold their own when compared to the likes of Ten Shekel Shirt, Third Day, Jars of Clay, and other greats, as they have shown on the road in the past year.
Look for honest, relevant, real lyrics and nothing short of genuine musical talent on Fields of Grace.  Fervent Records made a good move in letting the band's two guitarists produce this disc on their own.  That element makes the record much more personal to the band and thus to the fans as well.  The songwriting is excellent, and the message in no way compromises the musical quality.  The addition of a saxophone to an already excellent instrumental lineup is a particularly nice touch.
There is absolutely nothing bad to say about this album.  Every aspect is mpeccable from the smooth vocals to the superb instrumental parts to the clearly anointed message.  Expect this disc to sell more than the last CD's 100,000 units come September 30th.

Ryan Little 8/10/2003

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