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Artist: Bailey Drive
Label: Independent
Times: 3 tracks

The sound of Bailey Drive is an ever-present raw energy of a young band on the rise, layered to a gritty, punchy, yet melodic hard-surfaced emo. This project brings together their youth (all teenagers), a devotion of young servants' hearts, and rock, emo, punk, and hardcore influences all slapped into an indie fronted attack. Bailey Drive provides to whomever is interested their new three-song demo. Heavily layered with an emo fabricated dressing -- although not limited to the emo variety -- Bailey Drive drives together their influences into the never-ending void of music (including their youth) to bring together an energy not too far from the target of taking Acceptance, tossing in a car driven by Chevelle, and topping it off with a few hardcore influenced screams and some punk spiked guitar hooks.

There are three songs with three lyrical and musical showcases. At times the word is clearly displayed, while at the next turn the lyrics represent a little bit of the bands' youth. On the other hand, there is the musical structuring which clearly is based with an emo styling, yet it doesn't hold true to the sappy pure pop stylings of true emo and displays some punk backed up with a melodic hardcore emphasis. Three things to consider about this band: their youth, their high-energy level, and their ability to play. From Camilla, Georgia these five young guys have something to prove: that they too can play with the big timers. Bailey Drive has a lot of potential in the Christian music world and is a young, fiery Christian band that should be given a serious listen . . . or maybe two.

Len Nash 11/17/2003

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