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Artist:The Agony Scene
Label:Solid State Records
Time:10 tracks/36:02

This cd says to me Parade of Chaos era for Zao's vocalizations, whenever I listen to this it tells me that I don't need to worry about if Zao will create a new cd or not. Produced by the mastermind and guitarist from Killswitch Engage and the guy who helped Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child become a masterpiece work for Norma Jean, Adam Dutkiewicz has created another masterpiece, this time for a new band called, The Agony Scene. Their music sounds like any Euro metal band mixed with the vocals of Dan Weyandt from Zao. It doesn't sound like anything new, but it is new, especially for an American metal band's debut release. HM Magazine states, "...a monster because they've succeeded where every American band has failed. By taking every element that makes European metal good... and throwing out everything that made it bad... they've hit on something amazing."

Len Nash  6/22/2003

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