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  Single: Change the World
Artist: Anberlin
Label: Tooth & Nail Records (2003)
Length: 4:00

Given the fact that lead singer and lyricist Stephen Christian was exposed to everything from opera and jazz to eighties hair metal by the time he reached high school, it hardly seems surprising that he and his Anberlin cohorts manage to wander across no shortage of points on the proverbial musical map.  Equal parts emo, power pop and post-grunge - with just a tad of progressive rock thrown in for good measure - "Change the World," the debut single from the Orlando quintet, shifts deftly between its tense, yet frenetic, quiet sections, its soaring, anthemic choruses and the occasional swirling pseudo-psychedelic bridge.

Thematically, the song addresses issues ranging from suicide and abstinence to alcohol abuse.  Where lines like (Pain will live on and on/ We could change it down) and (The bottle holds no answers/ His lips can only sway) can come across as slightly ordinary or awkward, the band's melodic, hook-laden musical approach and undeniable enthusiasm work well to cover the occasional lyrical lapse and ensure the track's ultimate start-to-finish accessibility.  Blueprints for the Black Market, the full-length major-label debut, is currently slated for a May 6th street date.  If the "Change" single serves as any indication, the ensuing album should indeed be one to look out for.

Bert Gangl  4/16/2003


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