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  Top Picks of 2003

Trae Cadenhead
1. Ghosts Sleeping at Last
2. Infinite Keys - Ester Drang
3. Ohio - Over the Rhine
4. Two Conversations The Appleseed Cast
5. Befriended The Innocence Mission
6. This is the Moment The Violet Burning
7. Beneath Medicine Tree Copeland
8. Hail to the Thief - Radiohead
9. Old Starflyer 59
10. Give Up The Postal Service
11. Where Shall You Take Me Damien Jurado
12. Song in the Air Elliott
13. Suicide Medicine Rocky Votolato
14. Only with Laughter Can You Win Rosie Thomas
15. Who We Are Instead Jars of Clay
16. Lovers, Lead the Way Viva Voce
17. Transatlanticism Death Cab for Cutie
18. Spirit Flags A Northern Chorus
19. One More Step and You Die Mono
20. Perfumed Letter Bill Mallonee

Dan Singleton

1. King Crimson, "The Power to Believe"
2. Led Zeppelin, "Led Zeppelin" (DVD)
3. Neal Morse, "Testimony"
4. The Actual, "Songs on Radio Idaho"
5. Dave Beegle, "Beyond the Desert"
6. Rush, "Rush in Rio" (DVD)
7. Spock's Beard, "Feel Euphoria"
8. King's X, "Black Like Sunday"
9. Dream Theater, "Train of Thought"
10. Outspoken, "Bitter Shovel"

Best Album: King Crimson, "The Power to Believe"
Best Artist: Neal Morse
Best New Artist: The Actual
Best Record: King's X, 'Finished' from "Black Like Sunday"

Greg Adams


1. Ticklepenny Corner - 7 Years Bad Luck
2. Rock 'n Roll Worship Circus - Beautiful Glow
3. The Violet Burning - This is the Moment
4. David Crowder Band - Illuminate
5. Grandaddy - Sumday
6. Stereo Motion - Stereo Motion
7. SF59 - Old
8. Enter the Worship Circle - Third Circle
9. Ester Drang - Infinite Keys
10. Radiohead - Hail to the Thief

(Honorable mentions: Bleach - Astronomy, Skillet - Collide, Holland -
Photographs and Tidalwaves, Mae - Destination Beautiful. ... )

BEST LIVE SHOWS: 1. The entire Beautiful Glow Tour (Rock 'n Roll Worship
Circus, Seventh Day Slumber, Stereo Motion); 2. The Violet Burning (New
Union in Minneapolis) 3. The Elms (New Union in Minneapolis); 4. Bleach
(Sonshine 2003--even though they got rained out after only a few songs)

BEST DVD RELEASE: Tie between The Cure - Triology and U2 - Go Home (Live
at Slane Castle)

MOST ANTICIPATED RELEASES OF 2004: U2, Eisley, Tremolo Cowboys

Matt Kilgore

1. White Stripes - Elephant... It seems absurd for any top ten list that comes out this year
to not include this phenomenal album.  With only Jack and Meg to make this music, its
unbelievable how furious it sounds.  It revives much of the best music of the past 40 years
and takes garage rock to a lever never thought possible.
2. Blur - Think Tank... The great British band (probably the best act around these days) loses
founding member the amazing guitarist Graham Coxon, yet somehow improves without him.
This album plays off of great world music and house influences and produces on of the band's
finest albums in a heartbreaking masterpiece.
3. Bill Mallonee - Perfumed Letter... Easily the most underrated album of the year. Bill greatly
improves on his solo career making his best album since he left the Vigilantes of Love. Every
song on here is lovely and deserves a lot of radio play
4. The Strokes - Room on Fire...  When they released "Is This It", they were hailed for giving
rock music a face lift. Now the Strokes come back with an album that sounds to some people
a little to similar, but a closer look reveals a perfection on their original sound. An absolute dream
of an album. 
5. Lucinda Williams - World Without Tears... The most talented female singer/songwriter around 
gives us yet another solid phenomenol album that critics just can't quit praising. 
6. Kings of Leon - Youth and Young Manhood... Southern rock's answer to the Strokes. Caleb 
Followill is a firecracker, bringing the passion of his pentecostal upbringing front and center to
his vocals. Lots of potential from this young band.
7. Jason Mraz - Waiting for my Rocket to Come... Some of the catchiest sing-a-long choruses 
written this year.  He brings together rap/jazz/country/funk, to some great songs that never take
themselves too seriously.  The mindblowing "Curbside Prophet" is one of this year's best songs.
8. Ryan Adams - lloR N kcoR... Ryan Adams takes a surprising turn to cranking his amps up and
impersonating some of his favorite influences like Paul Westerberg and the Smith and has some
great results on an album that hardly ever slows down.
9. Jack Johnson - On and On... The laid back Hawaii surfer singer/songwriter puts out an album
of a bit mellower fair than "Brushfire Fairytales". Lots of good material.
10. Emmylou Harris - Stumble into Grace... One of the world's greatest voices gives us an album
which is breathtakingly beautiful. Emmylou is a roots-rock institution.
Runners Up:
REM - In Time (Best Of)
Uncle Tupelo reissues (especially "March 16-20, 1992")

Jonathan Nelson

Bill Mallonee - Perfumed Letter
Acceptance - Black Lines To Battlefields
Lost Dogs - Nazarene Crying Towel
Daniel Lanois - Shine
Chantal Kreviazuk - What If It All Means Something
Starflyer 59 - Old
Johnny Cash - Unchained
Eisley - Laughing City EP
Eisley - Marvelous Things EP
Gillian Welch - Soul Journey

Jeffrey Overstreet

Over the Rhine - Ohio
Joe Henry - Tiny Voices
Emmylou Harris - Stumble into Grace
Daniel Lanois - Shine
Radiohead - Hail to the Thief
Innocence Mission - Befriended
People You Meet - People You Meet
Lucinda Williams - World Without Tears
Various Artists - Crossing Jordan (soundtrack)
Edie Brickell - Volcano

Richard M. Smith

1. Warren Zevon - The Wind
2. June Carter Cash - Wildwood Flower
3. Bruce Cockburn - You've Never Seen Everything
4. Kris Kristofferson - Broken Freedom Song
5. Daniel Lanois - Shine
6. John McLaughlin - Thieves and Poets
7. Rodney Crowell - Fate's Right Hand
8. Marty Stuart - Country Music
9. Jackie Leven - Shining Brother Shining Sister
10.Various Artists - The Soul Of A Man (Soundtrack)

Steve White

The Echoing Green - Winter of our Discontent - 1 (tie)
The Violet Burning - This is the Moment - 1 (tie)
Coldplay - Rush of Blood to the Head - 3 
Relient K - Two Lefts Don't Make a Right - 4
Over the Rhine - Ohio - 5
Andy Hunter - Exodus - 6
Evanescence - Fallen - 7
Billions - Never Felt this Way Before - 8
BT - Emotional Technology - 9
Five Iron Frenzy - The End is Here - 10

Runners Up (if you want them)
Celldweller - self-titled
MxPx - Before Everything and After
Bleach - Astronomy

Shari Lloyd

Neal Morse - Testimony
Bruce Cockburn - You've Never Seen Everything 
Lost Dogs - Nazarene Crying Towel
Robert Randoplh & the Family Band - Unclassified
Dream Theater - Train of Thought
Bill Mallonee - Perfumed Letter
The Innocence Mission  -Befriended 
Daniel Lanois - Shine
Ticklepenny Corner - 7 Years Bad Luck 
Kings of Leon - Youth and Young Manhood
Evanescence - Fallen

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