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Bzz bee Cafe
The Bzzz Bee Café by Skip McRobert, Roberto Goiriz; (Issue #1: The Last Piece)

What's the buzz in coffee culture? Here's the premiere issue of a quirky new independent comic, produced by its creators, Skip McRobert and Roberto Goiriz.

At the Bzzz Bee Café, serving coffee is not a job, its a religion. Renee, the owner and high priestess of the Bzzz Bee Café, introduces Lisa (a novice) and the reader to the religion of waitressing, chocolate celibacy and the Triple Chocolate Mocha Madonna, the deity whom the waitresses serve. "Rest on me and my world is yours," the Madonna tells the new convert in a visitation. Sound strange? It is.

This glimpse of Renee and her religion is well written and makes you wonder where McRobert will go with subsequent issues. The stage set is one of Catholic mysticism set within this coffee cathedral. At the Bzzz Bee Café website ( it states that "the form of spirituality Buzz Bee Café promotes is Anglo-Catholic." With all its religious overtones, though, it is surprising that McRobert and Goiriz chose to dress the women like prostitutes, sporting form fitting outfits that barely cover their posterior angles. Aside from that, the art for Bzzz Bee Café is mediocre at best and very uneven. With McRobert's imaginative story I'd like to see what the French fantasy artist, Jean Gerard, (aka Moebius) might have brought to the story line. McRobert's writing deserves better than what he's got.

With the second issue due out in early February, readers don't have long to wait to see where McRobert takes the story.

Ken Westphal   1/20/03


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