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The Reign of Grace: The Delights and Demands of God’s Love
by Scotty Smith
Published by: Howard Publishing Company

I never thought the word “demand” would be something that went along with the word “love,” but then the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. Parents love their children, and there are demands that they place on them, but the “demands” are usually very reasonable. They place a demand on them that they keep their rooms clean, or that they do their homework before they go play outside. These demands are not unreasonable, nor are they taxing.

I know from experience, when you love someone, you have a desire to please them. So it should be in our relationship with the Lord. To love God as father means the desire to do things to please him. The Reign of God is a great place to start learning just what demands God places on believers, his children.

The Reign of Grace explores the many ways believers can delight the Lord and also, the many ways to delight in the Lord. It shows the demands God places upon his followers, how to talk to him as his children really should. After all, he created us and he knows us better than we even know ourselves, so why should we try to hide anything from him?

The book is divided into twelve chapters, and each chapter relates to a different aspect of the relationship with our heavenly father. Chapter one is titled “The Implications of Grace.” Smith writes, “I’m aware of being a steward of something very precious.” Late in the same paragraph he asks, “What does good stewardship of this kind of gift involve?” The chapter goes on to further describe Smith’s relationship with his earthly father and also his heavenly father, and how to be a good steward of the gifts of love and peace.

The next eleven chapters touch on different aspects of the believer’s walk with the Lord, and how to relate to him in a father/son (or father/daughter) relationship. With chapter titles like The Grace of God’s Discipline,” “Freedom for Idolaters and Addicts  Like Me,” and even one called “Graced Sexuality,” this book is not your ordinary book on Christian conduct. The Reign of Grace allows children of the living God to become real before him; sick, empty, poor, naked, needy, and tired. It also teaches them how to receive from God their father so they can be healed, filled, rich, clothed, content, and rested.

Ramona Anne Dube 7/19/2003



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