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Patrick, Son of Ireland
Author: Stephen Lawhead
Publisher: Harper Collins/William Morrow & Co
Pages: 464 

For the past twenty years during the late winter, early spring months I have taken an annual journey. I have gone to many varied and wondrous places on these trips and have come to look forward to each and every one of them. I have journeyed to Jerusalem, the city of peace, to Rome, the eternal city and to Byzantium the center of the ancient Byzantine empire. I have trekked across the hot sands of the Arabian desert and sailed the cold rivers of the Scandinavian peninsula. I have lived in palaces more splendid than anyone could ever imagine and have also spent time in dungeons so dark and forlorn that I thought that I would never see the light of day again. Most importantly though I have met people who have had a great impact on my imagination. The best thing is that I have done all of this in the comfort of my own living room in my most comfortable chair. My guide on all of these adventures has been Stephen Lawhead. 

For the past twenty years Lawhead has been consistently releasing novel after novel of science fiction, fantasy and most recently historical fiction. During these last two decades in my humble opinion he has developed into one of the most gifted storytellers of this present age. In his most recent book Mr. Lawhead introduces us to a young Welch nobleman named Succat Morgannwg, he would later come to be known to the world at large as Saint Patrick. As a young man of sixteen the most important things that young Succat could find to do with his life is to go drinking and carousing with his three closest friends. All of this changed one night when he is captured by Irish raiders and sold into slavery to a merciless and brutal king. For seven years Succat serves as
a shepherd to his new master, the only thing on his mind is to somehow escape from slavery and return home. When he finally does make his escape, it is but the beginning of his adventures that will eventually lead him back to the land of his imprisonment. Based on exhaustive research this life of the man we call Saint Patrick is an epic tale of love, treachery, heroism, loss and reclamation that is sweeping in its scope. If any writer can claim the title of a modern day bard it is Stephen Lawhead. If the spirit of J.R.R. Tolkien rests on any man today it is on the shoulders of Lawhead. Although the book is a one shot deal, the ending leaves wide open the possibility for more stories on the later life of this saintly man who changed the course of a nations history.
"Patrick, Son Of Ireland" by Stephen Lawhead is available through Harper Collins publishers. You can check out the author's web site at

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock 3/15/2003 


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