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Hammers And Nails, The Life And Music of Mark Heard
Author: Matthew Dickerson
Publisher: Cornerstone Press
Pages: 225                

I can honestly say as an adult, a radio DJ and a Christian that there are three men who have shaped what I consider to be good quality music. The music of these three men is the benchmark by which I have come to judge everything else. They are Jeff Johnson, Terry Scott Taylor and Mark Heard. When I first heard Mark's song "Victims of the Age" it was a turning point for me as to what Christian rock n roll could and should be. The only time that I actually got to see Mark perform was at Cornerstone '92, it is a concert that I will always treasure as one of my musical highlights. Mark's music was and still is great music.

Now eleven years after his death, Matthew Dickerson has put together a book that is not so much a biography as it is a collection of stories and anecdotes shared by family members, friends and musical peers. The book does an excellent job of drawing a picture of who Mark was, flaws and all. It is an honest portrait of an honest man. For those who are too young to remember Mark's music as it was being released during his lifetime, this book and the companion CD collection being released by Paste music is an invaluable introduction to the life and music of Mark Heard. Some of the folks who contributed to creation of this book are Mark's wife, Janet, his manager and friend Dan Russell as well as business partner, Chuck Long. Some of the musical friends helping out are of course, Pat Terry, Tom Howard and Randy Stonehill. 

It must be said that any proceeds from Hammers and Nails, the new release and from the sale of his Fingerprint efforts go to Mark's wife, Janet and their daughter, Rebecca.

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock 6/7/2003


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