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Mix of Life: Remixed
Artist: ZoeGirl 
Label: Sparrow Records 
Time: 13 tracks/ 65:43 min.

Remixes are dangerous because they either work or they don't and mediocre ones only serve to make the original artist look silly, particularly when the new version creates an obvious "fish out of water" effect.  Unfortunately, this has been the case in the Christian pop market more times than not.  One group who obviously want to change that trend is ZoeGirl.  

Already equipped with all the bubblegum cuteness needed to keep the kids interested, ZoeGirl gets transformed into what they were meant to sound like in the first place-- a fun, funky guilty pleasure.  Right from jump, Mix of Life: Remixed glows with sterling production.  "Dismissed" kicks the disc off with enough lite radio funk to make J. Lo want these girls on tour with her.  "Even if" gets a super euro club gloss by Tedd T. who continues to surprise as a producer.  He even manages to take the girls into kinda edgy territory, surrounding them with solid, if not a slightly aggressive guitar work, courtesy of executive producer and former Chagall Guevara guitarist Lynn Nichols, on "I believe."  Additionally this disc is crawling with cameos by hot MC's like KJ-52, GRITS, Shon Lock, and MC Flipper.  

With only one misstep to speak of, the sugary hooks and ultra polished production of Mix of Life: Remixed elevates ZoeGirl to a status few other Christian groups ever touch in this genre.

Antony Barr-Jeffrey  10/12/2002

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