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Artist: ZOEgirl
Label: Sparrow
Length: 11 tracks

Returning to the studio for their sophomore album, Sparrow artist ZOEgirl pumps out a second helping of fresh beats, processed vocals, and strong spiritual lyrics about Life.  A little more mature, and a little less bubblegum, vocalists Chrissy Conway, Alisa Girard, and Kristin Swinford participated more in the production of the new album than the first.  

Songs like "With All My Heart" and "Dismissed" showcase producer Tedd T.ís techno-pop talents.  This yearís version of ZOEgirl has leanings toward Destinyís Child and the Christina Aguilera/Mya/Pink/Liíl Kim collaboration from the Moulin Rouge> soundtrack, but not quite as funky, and definitely cleaner lyrically.

"Waiting" is another song full of hope and encouragement, and the excellent production values on it are typical of the entire album. Although it tends to overuse the vocoder effect, the hook is catchy and the lyrics are made for singing along.  "R U Sure About That" borrows from Ludwig von Beethovenís> "Fur Elise" for its guitar motif, but adds sounds that Ludwig probably never imagined.  One wonders if Elise heard this version if she would have been turned off or won over.

ZOEgirl is tops when it comes to teen pop vocal groups, and although the members are not teenagers themselves, they will find an audience among the younger crowd and anyone else who enjoys well-produced, lyrical pop music. 

Zik Jackson 3/24/2002
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