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Give Her Away
Artist: Windsor Medium 
Label: Independent
Length: 13/59:01

Windsor Medium wants to rock without barriers ­ mixing rock, pop, punk, and indie-rock sounds to form Give Her Away.  They want to be your next power-rock trio.  Matt Cox (vocals, guitar),  Andy Yates (bass), and Jarod Stevenson (drums) play what they like and aren’t concerned with fitting into any particular section at the record store.  

“Intimidation” shows Cox resembling Creed’s Scott Stapp, but minus the strangled quality characteristic of Creed and other Pearl Jam wannabes.   “Enjoy the Ride” is a rocker, and hard to pin down ­ it brings Jeff Elbel & Ping to mind.  “Beautiful” at times employs a Styx-like sound musically.

“Local Rock” is my favorite, a commentary on the pretense and sameness that can creep into listeners’ mindsets.  Cox writes:

 I need to buy some vintage clothes 
 so I can fit into the local rock scene
 If I don’t they will oppose
 And they will not see my shows…

 They say that they have open minds
 But that I do not find
 In the local rock scene
 They’ll pretend to be just fine
 If I try to draw the line…

“Jet Plane”  is a power pop tune, using the big guitar sound of the 80’s.  “Every Little Madonna” contrasts the temporary satisfaction of the material with the depression that comes when the suitors have gone away.  “Spoonfed” warns against going with the crowd and demands that we think for ourselves:
If you believed all things that they taught
How would you agree 
that you’re an open mind among all insanity?
Windsor Medium lets it all hang out on Give Her Away.  What ensues is an hour well spent, mixing several genres but bringing a consistent ability to hold your attention.  

Brian A. Smith 5/20/2002



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