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  On Life; Living
Artist: Vaux
Label: Volcom Entertainment
Tracks: 4 / 19:58

Sound clip: To the End

In On Life; Living, Vaux (formerly known as Eiffel) draws on a number of hard music styles without sacrificing originality.  In the last two songs of this EP, “On” and “To the End,” I especially noticed a resemblance to Stavesacre, as the band delivered high-octane nu-metal subdued by moments of smooth, quiet vocals with minimal accompaniment.  I also detected a hint of emo-punk, which made for a (The Cure’s) Robert-Smith-on-espresso feel.  But Vaux uses so many vocal techniques in the space of their four tracks that, combined with their frequent time signature changes and the pure furiousness of parts, On Life; Living makes for a very interesting EP and a worthwhile listen.

Dan Singleton 10/12/2002

On Life; Living hits hard and fast, featuring three guitars, drums, and bass.  Vaux portray themselves as a “hardcore/prog” band.  At the very least, they are half right.  This four song EP features lots of hardcore posturing, in that we have loud guitars, loud, strangled vocals, and lyrics that are rarely distinguishable above the music.

“Everyday” is the single ­ the drumming here is very well done.  It sounds like a lot of modern rock radio, with obscured vocals.  “We Speed” at times recalls the work of the Pixies. 

In short, it is difficult to evaluate this disc ­ the musicians are able enough, but the overall effect is like that of 100 other bands, none of which make it out of my CD rack. 

Brian A. Smith 27 October 2002


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