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  See the Light
Artist: True Vibe
Label: Essential Records
Length: 11 tracks/45:26 minutes

Over a year ago the debut album from pop quartet True Vibe released on Essential Records, now they are back with their sophomore release See the Light.

This album is definitely a mixed bag. After releasing an upbeat debut album you would expect them to stay along those lines, but instead we have received an album that is basically full of ballads. Sure there are a few songs that are more upbeat then the rest such as the title track, "Supernatural," "More," and (possibly) "Stay," but that is about it, which is a definite disappointment after such a strong self titled previous release. Remember to listen to clips on-line or demo the album in stores before picking it up, just in case.

Even so, from "You Are Holy" to the acappella "Not What I Say (But What I Do)," the ballads are done fairly well for the most part, but again, not what you would expect coming from True Vibe.

Overall, this album is (like I said) disappointing…almost leaves one speechless. Let’s just hope that True Vibe will go back to their original roots next time around.

Josh McConnell  09/09/02

True Vibe jumps back into the world of boy band music with their sophomore release of See the Light.   If Plus One represents the Nsync of Christian music, then True Vibe takes the place of the Backstreet Boys.

The CD flows well for a sophomore release, and one can honestly tell at first listen that the guys were trying something when they decided to start their second project.  The album moves from ultra slow ballads to a gospel cut to an acapella number, a Nashville-manufactured praise song, and then to an overly produced mega pop song.  With these kind of stylistic changes, it's evident that the guys have tried to stretch musically while sticking to their pop roots.

While the album is good for the pop genre of music, some of the songwriting was weak.  It's almost as if the album came down to the end of the rope, and the last month found 3 songs that were meant for a B-side release or for friends and neighbors.  But they pull off even the bad songs with tight vocals, and even better production.

Nevertheless, the teenage girls are going to swoon, when it hits their players.  And it's something wholesome that mom and dad will approve of.

The upbeat tracks of "More," "Stay," and "Not What I Say" keep the album alive and add a little bit of edginess to the project.

The CD is relatively AC, which could get it more play on Delilah's nightly radio special.

John Wehrle 9/92002


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