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  EP Phone Home
Artist: Timmy’s Operation
Label: Indie
Length: 4/20:28

Timmy’s Operation is a four piece band that has grown up on punk, if EP Phone Home is any indication.  “Vampire’s Night Out” is a Dead Milkmen/Green Day mix that speaks of the evil influences that attempt to suck the life out of their prey.  “The Pirate Song” strives for Faith No More-like instrumentation, and features Tim Beach’s Lust Control-like bass line, but falls short on both counts.

“Epic #1” rants about hypocrisy, and is the highlight of the disc.  It is a punk meets hardcore song, but with much more melodic vocals.  “Sick” closes the EP, and concerns itself with the twin evils of self-centeredness and apathy.

EP Phone Home grows on you with repeated plays, but ultimately, it sounds like a project by a group that could use a producer and some more polish.

Brian A. Smith
18 August 2002



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