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Artist: TobyMac
Label: ForeFront Records
Length: 18 tracks/50:58 minutes

If only one word could sum up my favorite album that was released in 2001, it would be "Momentum." The third solo release from dc Talk's three members is finally here, and with a big bang! TobyMac's debut album was my most anticipated album out of the three, but the big question is, does it live up to the hype? In one short, but sweet word, yes! Sure we had to wait an extra month for it, but it was worth it!  Mixing lots of different styles in one, including Hip-Hop, Rapcore, some Latin sounds, and more, all to make one album that is classified as Fusion Hip-Hop! 

This 18-track album is lots of fun! It gets you going with its harder songs like "Get This Party Started," "What's Going Down," "Momentum," "Yours," and "Extreme Days." As well as its hip-hop oriented songs like "Irene," "Do You Know," "Wonderin' Why," and "In the Air." Not only that, you get special appearances by Truett McKeehan (Toby's son), Kirk Franklin, and Fred from tobyMac's Macintosh computer! The one you see the most, however, is a new artist signed with Gotee Records, 16 year old Joanna Valencia, hailing from New Mexico. She appears on a number of tracks that include "Irene," "Do You Know," "Momentum," "Wonderin' Why," "Somebody's Watching," and "Love Is In The House," and does a very good job on them all.

Overall, this is my favorite album of the year. Toby does a great job both musically and lyrically in it. Also including all the interesting, yet very cool interludes. This is clearly the best out of the three solo acts, and I'm really looking forward to another album! Good job Toby, I applaud you on a job very well done!

Josh McConnell  12/18/2001



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