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  On the Path
Artist: Mark Fox 
Label: Kingfisher
Length: 14/56:04

Mark Fox is a trained opera singer that attempts to cross genres on the live album On the Path.  This album is sung in half English, half German.  Fox has some talent, but needs to decide on a style.  The songs here are done in a liturgical style, new age, traditional hymns, and a few attempts at modern alternative that make him sound like Tracy Chapman (“Walking”).

To someone who doesn’t appreciate opera, this album is painful to listen to.  Fox sings, plays guitar, and piano.  The best of the lot is “Amazing Grace”.  

On the Path is billed as “making music and prayer become one.”  While I understand the concept, and have experienced it with other recordings, the style of this album lost me very quickly.  

Brian A. Smith 6/16/2002



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