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Artist: Kasey Curtis 
Label: Crucible 
Length: 6/25:54

Timeless focuses on different aspects of God ­ His ability to do the impossible (“Out Loud”), His dwelling place (“Eden”), His relentless love (“Timeless”), and His help in overcoming sin (“Rescue Me”).

Curtis’ voice falls somewhere between Paula Cole and Sara Groves, veering occasionally into the country domain (“Joy”).  The standout here is the title track, noting the love from Christ that pursues us, no matter how hard we try to elude it:

 I’m undeserving and you are unswerving…  

 From orphan to daughter
 Healing traded for pain, my pain.

Timeless doesn’t quite achieve the status of its title, but it is what I refer to as “pretty good.”  Fans of Lilith Fair artists should appreciate this one.

Brian A. Smith  16 August 2002


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