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The Heart of Me
Artist: Kathy Troccoli
Label: Essential Records
Tracks: 10/ 43:52

First of all let me mention the good things about this newest project from Kathy Troccoli. The production work by Chris Harris and Nathan DiGesare is impeccable, sonically this is a great album. Also for the style of singing that she does Troccoli's voice has never been better. Unfortunately that is about all that can be said about this album that is positive. One of the worst things that an album can be is boring, this is an extraordinarily boring album. There is nothing here that would make me want to come back for repeated listens. I expected more from an artist who has been around for as long as KT has. This album just left me wondering why anyone would want to get it. Now I realize that this is an adult contemporary release and not a rocker, yet still this is the artist who went national a few years ago with "Everything Changes." Although far from rock n roll it was a song that kicked butt. There is nothing here that comes even close. Save your money on this one. 

Chris MacIntosh 11/2/2002


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