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Thunder EP
Artist: Heather Clickard 
Label: Crucible Records
Length: 6/25:14

It’s hard to know whether the success of O Brother Where Art Thou? will produce a plethora of imitators of old school Americana or if it will give light to those who were already performing this music in obscurity.  Probably, as with most trends, a little of both will occur.  Whichever category Heather Clickard falls isn’t relevant ­ her self-titled EP consists of six exceptional songs.

Clickard’s voice can be described as a mix of Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin, Shania Twain, Natalie Merchant, and almost every Lilith Fair artist.  She wanders from country (“Joshua’s Lullaby”) to Americana (“Thunder is Thunder”) to bluesy roots music (“Bring It On Home,” a Sam Cooke cover) seamlessly.

“Thunder is Thunder” points out that marriage is not a quick fix for the problems in our lives.  “Perfect Love” deals with holding fast to Christ, and features great mandolin and fiddle work by Bryan Simpson.  

Heather Clickard marks a fine debut for this formerly unknown artist ­  a large label should look at signing her and reaping huge benefits as a result.

Brian A. Smith    16 August 2002



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