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  I Won’t Back Down 
Artist: Greg Walton 
Label: Back Door Records
Length: 11/43:32

Listening to I Won’t Back Down is like being caught in an 80’s episode of Pop-Up Video.  The album opens with a cover of the Tom Petty song “I Won’t Back Down” and directs the lyrics at Satan and the lures of the world.  “Turn Me Around” sounds a lot like the Joe Jackson tune “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” and details the fight against lust.  

The 80’s theme continues with “Despite,” which examines the love of God regardless of our failures.  This song recalls the heyday of Rick Springfield.  “Blinded” could be a Hooters reunion, and “Give Me Some Love” recalls Geoff Moore or Eddie Money.  “Jesus Loves You” is a DeGarmo & Key soundalike.  

“Dear Dorothy” revisits the main character of The Wizard of Oz, and cautions her about not giving in to the ways of the world:

Yeah, you gotta be quick, the Devil’s pretty slick
He paints a pretty picture of the world, but it’s a dirty trick
And ‘round, and ‘round, and ‘round, and ‘round the world goes,
And you’re still lookin’ for your yellow brick road now…
“Private Coach”, a song about life on the road, combines bluegrass with Blues Traveler.  The CD closes with another cover ­ the Keith Green-penned “He’ll Take Care of the Rest”.  

Walton, formerly of Polarboy, has some talented friends appearing on this album.  John Pisciotta produces, plays guitar, and programs all loops.  Wade Jaynes (Steve Taylor, Chagall Guevara) is the bassist on about half of the tunes, and Aaron Smith (77s, Ragamuffin Band) provides drums and percussion.  

While a throwback musically, I Won’t Back Down is not without its merits.  Greg Walton has some ability, and a string singing voice.  A pretty good overall effort.

Brian A. Smith 7/16/2002



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