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  Lost in Worship
Artist: Fusebox
Label: Elevate/InPop
Length: 11 tracks/mm:ss

Modern worship continues its domination of the Christian music soundscape.  Adding to the aural scenery is Fusebox, an experienced touring band on Elevate Records, a new modern worship label founded by veteran artist manager David Smallbone (Rebecca St. James, Skillet).  Produced by Otto Price, the debut album Lost in Worship is a passionate, heartfelt collection of both new and familiar tunes.  Fusebox has backed Rebecca St. James on her intense touring schedule, and will continue to play on her 2002 tours.  The band sounds experienced and comfortable with the music they play, although the production values were not top shelf.  The EQ sounded a little flat and less crisp than most mainstream label projects.

Song selection on a worship CD is always of paramount importance.  "Light the Fire Again," a duet with St. James, will be one of the highlights on the album, and you can also hear her background vocals on "Saviour of My Soul."  A new rendition of  Sierra’s "I Will Exalt the One," here titled simply "I Will Exalt" is another gem.  You can’t go wrong covering a #1 hit and the band does it nicely.  Vocal comparisons may be made to Lenny Kravitz, while musical styles lean toward Tree63,
SONICFLOOd, and the new sound now used by Petra on Revival.  "Vision" sounds a tiny bit like Allies at the beginning and on the chorus.

Anticipate seeing and hearing Fusebox on the next Rebecca St. James tour, which will include a lot of modern worship music.

Song list:

1: Every Move I Make 
2: King 
3: Whisper 
4: Lost In Worship 
5: Savior Of My Soul 
6: Light The Fire 
7: My Everything 
8: Vision 
9: In Our Midst 
10: I'd Trade It All 
11: I Will Exalt

Zik Jackson
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