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  Brody's Seal
Artist: FTF 
Label: Gracehouse Records
Length: 10/47:12

FTF is a sextet of young men who are relatively photogenic.  When I opened this CD, I thought "Oh no, another boy band ­ this will be an ordeal".  

Well, as my wife is fond of reminding me, I've been wrong before.  FTF bears much more a resemblance to Rusted Root and Jars of Clay than anything else.  Laden with acoustic guitars, and vocal harmonies, Brody's Seal showcases some fine instrumental work well as some intriguing lyrics.

"Touchdown" is concerned with being on firm ground spiritually, using the metaphor of a passenger on a plane, and living a life that's "up in the air".  "#139" is a modern paraphrase of Psalm 139, reminding us that God's love lasts forever.

"Standing Right There" is written from Jesus' perspective, asking the listener how they would act if Christ were in the room, then pointing out that He is, in fact, there.  "Liar" is a contrast between Psalm 23 and the way people live their lives, reminiscent of Mitch McVicker in style:

  The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want' 
  Except for the things I don't have 
  You make me lie down but I always get up 
  To search for the greener pastures 
  Guiding my path and restoring my soul 
  But the path only goes where I want it to go 
  I'm crying wolf to the same old struggles 
  I'll call when I need you again…
FTF reminds me a lot of First Water, who was reviewed in an earlier issue.  Talented musicians, intelligent songwriting and all of it done in a folk rock style.  _Brody's Seal_ is satisfying, and becomes even more so upon repeated listens.  

Brian A. Smith 4/14/2002



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