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  Running in Circles
Artist: Forest Glen
Label: Naked Artist Productions
Length: 3/13:06

Running in Circles is a three song EP that is a mixture of what is good about adult alternative radio.  The title track, a plea to be like Christ, and to be changed by Him, is in the vein of Ben Harper, or perhaps an unplugged version of Third Eye Blind.  “Fast For You” is about falling in love, and sounds like a Shawn Mullins tune.

“One Day Close” is concerned with persevering through difficult times together as a couple in love, and has an Adam Duritz (Counting Crows)/Rusted Root vibe to it.

Running in Circles is the perfect EP in one way ­ it makes you want to hear more by this group.  If these selections are an indication of what the group generally sounds like, I look forward to it.

Brian A. Smith 16 August 2002

Forest Glen's music is art. At least that's what it says on the website. Unfortunately aside from what could be considered to be a few pretentious comments about Forest Glen's talent, there's very little solid info about this Philadelphia based band. I'm presuming it's a band and not an individual. Perhaps they're attempting to create a Dylanesque myth about themselves?

Presumably they're doing a bit locally and looking to spread out regionally, this three track EP is an excellent introduction to FG's talents and whatever I think about the over the top sleeve notes, what counts is that they really cut it on the CD.

Blessed with a soulful voice and incredible guitar talents, Forest Glen create intense music to back poetic lyrics and wry observations. The driving percussive "Running In Circles" is a powerful plea for God to break into the madness of a life that is bogged down. Built on rhythmic guitar with a pile of phased vocals sweeping in and out of the mix to fine affect, here's a song that proves that even a limited budget can be overcome through sheer creativity and it seems that FG aren't short of a musical
idea or two.

"Fast For You" is a frantic love song that captures perfectly that moment where you find yourself infatuated with a new love. It's packed with coiled desire ready to be unleashed. Sheer poetry and again excellently delivered with Forest's guitar once again driving everything forwards. 

The final song of the three, "One Day Closer," is a mellower affair. Again it has a romantic carefree feel where lovers create their own world in the face of adversity. A struggling musician only wants to sing and it works well.  Lots of talent jammed into these three songs. Leaves me wondering what they'd do with some decent backing. For more info, check out

Mike Rimmer 9/14/2002



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