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Artist: Fewleftstanding
Label: Solid State Records

There are two basic styles of hardcore music. There is the higher pitched screaming hardcore, often blended with a kind of emo. Then there's the low growling, dropped-tuning crunch that ignores all forms of trickery and just blows out your eardrums with sheer heaviness, like Fewleftstanding. There aren't a lot of flashy solos on this album, but there is plenty of beef. Vocally, Fewleftstanding is similar to Living Sacrifice with the scratchy, gravelly voice fronting the band. Fewleftstanding is not as technical as Living Sacrifice, but they are to be commended for not trying to be. It keeps their sound from becoming a stale knockoff. There is not a thing wrong with this CD, and it's a fine addition to any hardcore kids collection. The lyrics are bold, challenging, and honest. It is refreshing to see a band that is not too tough-guy hardcore to wear their faith on their sleeve. They're not annoyingly preachy, but they also don't hold anything back. This is a respectable release from a respectable band. 

Duncann Tripp 3/17/2002


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