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  The Ballpoint Composer
Artist: Freddie Bruno
Label: Uprok Records
Length: 15 tracks/51:38 minutes

When I first listened to some clips of this album I thought it sounded okay, so I thought I would give it a go and review it. Man was I disappointed! This proves that clips do not show what an album really sounds like! It was the longest 50 minutes of music Iíve ever listened to!

While it has some original bits and pieces, the most part of The Ballpoint Composer is quite repetitive, which means it gets annoying after a while. 

I like rap/hip-hop music, but only if it sounds really full and complete. Basically the only instrument you hear in this is drums, then you have the monotone rapping. Maybe having some guitars and such would have made this a little more enjoyable, but not guaranteed.

Overall this album is monotonous. Even though there will be those few who like this album, I would highly suggest you demo it at your local Christian Bookstore before even considering getting it. 

If you want some good rap or hip-hop, check out artists like tobyMac (highly recommended), Grits, and Knowdaverbs to name a few.

Josh McConnell 4/7/2002



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