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December Drive (EP)
Artist: The Evoka Project 
Label: Audiolab
Length: 6/23:00

The Evoka Project is a North Carolina-based quintet generating a lot of buzz.   Appearing in numerous festivals and having their music featured on Mtv and ESPN hasn’t hurt them in this regard.  December Drive is a six song collection that provides a good cross section of their range as musicians.  

“Hollow” kicks off the disc, and could be the next hit on adult alternative radio.  The guitar work here is a standout.  “Ordinary” is slightly more punk, and resembles Jimmy Eat World.  

Equal parts alternative and emo, The Evoka Project shows a penchant for guitar-driven rock anthems, with lyrics that are intelligible.  December Drive was mixed by Lou Giardano (Goo Goo Dolls, Sunny Day Real Estate) and Mitch Easter (REM, Let’s Active), so they are in good hands.  The result produces a sound that is as good as anything on the radio now ­ look for these guys to become big in a few years.

Brian A. Smith 8/31/2002



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