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  Stand Up
Artist: Everyday Sunday 
Label: Flicker Records
Length: 11/40:11

Everyday Sunday follows the model of Jars of Clay, Newsboys, and The Waiting ­ mix a little rock with some lighter tunes designed for the adult contemporary/crossover crowd and try to produce some radio hits in two different audiences, thus generating more album sales.

“Stand Up” is being marketed as the AC single.  It is a Jars soundalike that is a vow to follow Christ to the end, regardless of obstacles or trials.   The rock single is “Mess With Your Mind,” a tongue in cheek response to those that think Christians are trying to manipulate their minds:

  I’ll try not to mess with your mind
  I’ll try not to give you
  Everything you ever wanted…

  I’m not gonna tell you this time
  Of everything that you could have
  But too much sense to think of that….

“Don’t Leave” is a plea to a friend that left God behind.  The band sounds great, but the vocals here are from the Bob Dylan/Eddie Vedder School of Enunciation ­ they are absolutely unintelligible.  “Hanging On” is a Creed meets Jars of Clay power ballad, while “Just a Story” is good old-fashioned power pop.

“Lose It Again” is a modern pop/punk song that should be the next single ­ sonically, it combines Jimmy Eat World with Blink 182, and even recalls early 90’s flash in the pan Ned’s Atomic Dustbin.  “Wait” is an Audio Adrenaline-influenced tune about not rushing into things, done in a rappish/metal style.

Everyday Sunday will be featured during Festival Con Dios ­ this should give them a chance to concentrate more on their rock songs, which seem to be their strength on Stand Up.  If they can decide which direction to take, they have a chance to be pretty successful.  If they attempt to continue in both markets, I predict limited audiences in their future.

Brian A. Smith 8/31/2002



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