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Split CD
Artist: Evelynn/Dreaming of the Fifth  
Label: Pluto Records  
Length:10 tracks, xxxx

Pluto records has released this split CD featuring two Texas based bands: emo outfit Dreaming of the Fifth, and hardcore act Evelynn.  Unfortunately, despite adequate musicianship on the parts of both bands, there is nothing new here to grab the listener.

Dreaming of the Fifth is decidedly the better of the two bands, with a pretty standard approach to the emo sound, reminiscent of bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and Mineral.  Lyrically, they do OK, but at times fall into clichés.  On the other hand, there is very little to recommend in terms of Evelynn.  Straight on hardcore with typically formulaic CCM lyrics.  Which at times is hard to square with the band's hardcore delivery.  The lines "Christ is the truth, He is the only way....I give all my praise to Jesus" seem to lose a bit when they are being screamed at you in a growling voice.

Ken Mueller 1/31/2002



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