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  All Generations: 25th Anniversary Album
Artists: Evanston Vineyard
URL: <>
Times: 13 tracks/57:43 minutes

An ever-changing, ever-evolving group, Evanston Vineyard began in 1976 as Christ Church of the North Shore and became a Vineyard church in 1985. The 25th anniversary project, All Generations is a sweet snapshot of current worship from this congregation, music from two bands led by John Willison and Todd Price. Since the completion of this project, some band members have already moved on to other ministries. Worthy of the Vineyard name, the worship bands rely heavily on Psalms, particularly Psalm 139, and the title song, "All Generations," is derived from Psalm 145. Although the songs themselves are current (none older than 1997), some styles may evoke memories of stinging guitars and vocal qualities of early (Greg X Volz era) Petra, and other styles are similar to the Passion worship band. More aptly -- and staying in the same state of Illinois -- this style of worship reminds me of the Rockford Masters Commission. Perhaps of a homegrown style, the honesty of Evanston Vineyard's worship style is clearly apparent. The title track and "What's This Love" are standout, beautiful worship songs that are songs worthy of inclusion in any worship experience. Overall, this project is pleasurable.

Olin Jenkins 7/16/2002



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