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  Little Bit of Me Everywhere
Artist: Ed Englerth 
Label: Blue Side Down
Length: 18/70:21

Little Bit of Me Everywhere is an apt title for this album ­ Ed Englerth is all over the map musically.  Vocally, Englerth ranges from Santana to Shawn Mullins before settling into a Kenny Wayne Shepherd/Jonny Lang style that is understated, while he lets his guitar do the talking.

“Connect” is a Santana meets Steely Dan style number, while “Linear Action” mixes the latter with 80’s new wave.  “Turn on the Water” strives for Dave Matthews Band territory, and ends up closer to Fishbone.  “Ground Swell” is a tune about Christ that sounds like The Doors were reincarnated as a funk band.  

“Guitar Surfing” is just that, an instrumental that combines 50’s blues with Dick Dale-like guitar work.  “Fall of the Wild” is a spoken word jazzy improv about the state of our planet.  The one track that is hard to figure out is “I Want to Connect Free Vacations,” which seems to be a commercial for Calumet Public Hospital.   I imagine this to be an in-joke of sorts.

Musically, Englerth is quite adept with the guitar.  His vocals are not up to the same level, but this does not detract from things overall.  Little Bit of Me Everywhere highlights some good work by another unknown guitarist.

Brian A. Smith 8/31/2002



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