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  A Weapon for War
Artist: Enamored 
Label: DTS Records
Length: 11/33:31

Enamored falls into the category of hardcore ­ guitars and drums cranked to high volumes, lyrics shouted or growled, intelligent and meaningful lyrics that tend to get obscured by the sheer loudness of the rest of the package.

The music here is generally above average, but becomes redundant in a short period of time.  “Beauty Underground” is the best of the lot, featuring a high backup vocal that produces an Offspring-like effect.  “Something Worth Living For” fits that description as well.  “Forgotten Reflection” is the other standout, dealing with the fight against sin, and the need for Christ to provide the strength to win the fight:

There comes a time in a man’s life when he finds,
a vice he must fight to stare it in the face,
and not become enslaved…

Only you can set me free with your blood upon me…

I enjoy metal, and loud music (just ask my wife!).  I would love to hear bands like Enamored play the way they do now, with a singer that can be understood, can sing on key, and doesn’t swallow his words.  This is not a shot at Enamored’s vocals, which are shared by all four members, but for me personally, I would like to see and hear these bands sing.  They would earn a lot of my money by doing so.

Brian A. Smith 2 November 2002



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