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  Escape From Earth
Artist: Escape From Earth
Label: Independent
Length: 4 tracks

Are you ready to experience Escape From Earth? You may have heard of these guys before. They had their television début last March when they played at the Miss USA Pageant while contestants were introduced. Concert fans might not recognize them done up for television’s small screen, but they sounded awesome. The hard work to get that far paid off. 

These four guys from Chicagoland are always ready to rock your face off with songs like those on their recently released self-titled EP Follow Me feels like the listeners are standing there waiting for someone to lead them into the darkness. Their awesome dual electric guitar sounds cause head banging to every beat. 

Then there is the song you wouldn't want your mother to hear you blasting out of your room unless the meaning was explained to her first. The shock factor of “Tongue,” which was successfully released to many radio stations in Chicago, is almost as strong as the awesome rhythms. It takes a lot of listens to understand what they are trying to say:

Don't you go sticking your tongue in my mouth 
Feeble minds - cheating me, fighting me, feeding me, biting me, beating me 
Feeble minds - go away 
Feeble minds - cheating me, fighting me, feeding me, biting me, beating me 
Feeble minds - Don't care what you say
This is not a song about French kissing, but how so many people can't mind their business. This song was produced by Sean McMahon who incorporated a lot of the sounds he used when producing Slipknot and Marilyn Manson. McMahon’s credit on this song has helped EFE get radio air time and the interest of many other producers and even some record labels. His strong influence in the music industry has been the key for the guys’ career. Look for more of this style in the near future. The other two songs, “Higher Than I” and ”L.S.D.,” continue in the mix of sound between Filter and Linkin Park minus all the whacked out special effects.

Escape From Earth recently made plans to go back to the studio to work on a new CD but that won’t keep them from tearing up well known local venues such as Metro, Commonwealth, and Double Door. Check out their website at for all latest news and upcoming shows.

Elizabeth Angell 9/21/2002

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