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  Driver’s Edd
Artist: E.D.D.
Label: Shelter Records
Length: 11/41:51

E.D.D. stands for “entirely different direction”, and this Michigan-based band attempts to show just that in their music.  Driver's Edd takes several twists and turns, mixing current rap/rock styles with grunge, and again with 60’s psychedelia at times.  At other points, British new wave influences are evident, as is the bass flavorings of Faith No More.

“Times” gets things started, with Donald Whitt’s bass leading the way.  It details the battle between honoring God and getting caught up in self-interest.  Vocally, it comes off as Metallica knockoff.  “A Song” is a sonic oleo, mixing Nirvana with Linkin Park, and occasionally channeling Jim Morrison.  

“H2O” is a throwback to old school punk, especially in Mark Orr’s guitar work.  It is a plea to Christ, asking for complete cleansing and healing from the wounds inflicted by the world.  “I Will Not” is a determined mission statement, claiming that “I am strong to face my enemy/I will not run away/I will not stray away/I stand in the night knowing He’s with me.”  

“Solitude” opens with an English beat, like that of New Order or perhaps Oasis, then reverts to the rock form of the rest of the album.  This song questions the merits of being alone, of shutting out the rest of the world.  “Pickles” opens with a Faith No More riff, then paints a picture of someone looking for a way to handle things when all seems lost.  The title seemingly has no significance here, as pickles never appear in the song.  An inside reference, perhaps?

Musically, E.D.D. is strong, fitting well into the “power trio” description.  All three members share vocals, with Orr taking the lead.  It is there that the group is less satisfying.  With another vocalist or a better studio mix, Driver’s Edd would be a force to reckon with.  As is, it’s a pretty entertaining album that falls just short of the heights to which it aspires.

Brian A. Smith 5/22/2002



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