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When I Come To You
Artist: Dorman
Label: Quixote Blue Records
Tracks: 14/56:33

Formerly of the Frisco based band, The Basics, Todd Dorman has relocated to the Big Apple and with that relocation comes a new band. The group is simply called Dorman and they have just released their debut project called "When I Come To You". Dorman is Todd Dorman on guitars and vocals, Sean Dolan on drums, percussion and backing vocals, Thane Sheetz on bass and the magic pink electric violin of Elise Kuder. Todd wrote most of the music and lyrics with Sean and Thane helping out occasionally musically. Rather than Todd handling the lead parts on guitar, that is taken over by Elise on the violin which makes for a very interesting

Rather than the softer violin work of someone like Beth Spransy of Tickle Penny Corner, Elise really cooks on this thing. A prime example is found on the title track where while Todd sings of being on fire, Elise smokes her instrument in a way I have not heard since the old days of David Cross in the mid-70's era King Crimson. The overall sound tends to be punchy and modern with slight hints of ethereal atmospheric rock thrown in for good measure. Trust me that will make perfect sense when you hear these guys, I think I have found my new favorite band for this year. If this band is anywhere as good live as they are on disc, then L.A.'s loss is definitely N.Y.C.'s gain. It is groups like this that make me glad that I am involved in radio and can turn hopefully a lot of people onto them. Check them out at 

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock 2/14/2002



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