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Dervish: Live in Palma 
Band: Dervish 
Label: Compass Records 
Tracks: 22 (2 CD set) 

Dervish is known as one of Ireland's best performance bands because they are at their best on stage.  Their recently released CD doesn't disappoint either. This project was recorded at the 'Teatre Principal' in Palma de Mallorca during a '97 tour but, because it is traditional Irish music it will always stand the test of time.  It is also interesting to know that the decision to record this CD was made just a few hours before the band went on stage and as you listen you will be amazed at the art of this flawless concert. 

Dervish is composed of Brian McDonagh on mandola; Liam Kelly on the flute and whistles; Tom Morrow on fiddle; Shane Mitchell on accordion; Cathy Jordan with vocals and on the bodhran and bones; Seamus O'Dowd on guitar, fiddle, harmonica and as backup vocals and Michael Holmes on bousouki.  Don't you wish you had some of those Irish names?  Their brand of music is labeled as Celtic but, they have shared the stage with the likes of REM, Sting, and Britney Spears while touring the world.   

Along with Live at Palma Dervish has created four other CD's to date.  If you like the sound and feel of traditional Irish and modern Celtic music along with technical excellence then you will find Dervish's newest release to be a great addition to your world music collection. 

Leslie Bogar 10/12/2002

because it is an excellent CD if you like, and even if you don't, Irish music. 

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