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deeper: the d:finitive worship experience
Artist: Delirious?
Label: furious?/Sparrow
URL: <>, <>
Times: 70:52 (disc 01); 63:19 (disc 02)/25 tracks

In an early Beatles Christmas record greeting for their fans, John Lennon said -- what in retrospect seems condescendingly -- to fans, "we've been doing this for several years already!" What does this quote have to do with Delirious?'s deeper: the d:finitive worship experience?

I worked backwards with Delirious?, not knowing these songs I was hearing "for several years already," such as "I've Found Jesus," "Shout to the North," "History Maker," "The Happy Song," and the best-known of all, "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever," were from the pen and praise and worship of Martin Smith, Stuart Garrard and the rest of the Cutting Edge guys. In 1997, to me, Delirious? were the King of Fools Christian Hit Radio (CHR) guys who sang "Deeper" and "Revival Town."

Well, all of the above tunes that have been covered by the Passion Worship Band, Lindell Cooley, Robin Mark, and many other praise and worship leaders, are under one cover, in a two-disc set which certainly lives up to its name.

Even if you already own all of Delirious?'s recordings, you'll want a copy of this collection for several reasons. First and foremost, this two-disc set is well assembled, flowing as a worship experience should. After two reflective openers ("Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?" and "I Could Sing of Your Love..."), Martin yells "Hey!" for the opener of "I've Found Jesus" (reminds me of Kevin Prosch's "Lord of the Dance," but that was 1998, and "I've Found Jesus" is from 1994; we know who had the original idea!) for an upbeat praise tune. And the pace continues with "I'm Not Ashamed."

For this collection, there are new and remixed versions of many of the band's best-loved songs. I was used to the CHR/Rock mix of "Revival Town," but I really prefer the remix. It fits in very well with the d:finitive worship experience. There is also one new song, "Not Forgotten," which is quite a gem.

The listener will definitely have a personal preference about what songs or versions are included. I would like to have heard the Deeper EP version of "Sanctify" (also on Worship Together: Lovely Noise). And I know "God You Are My God" may fit like a sore thumb here, but it would vary the flow of this project as a praise and worship compilation. Getting picky, there is only one tune from Live and in the Can.

Very importantly, there is an hour and a half's worth of Delirious? praise and worship here. If you have heard of Delirious? and do not own any of the band's projects, this collection is the "must have" for your music collection. And I have the suspicion that most Delirious? fans -- even if they have followed the band since the Cutting Edge days -- will want deeper: the d:finitive worship experience for their collections, too. Despite my few reservations about this project, I just don't think Delirious? could have put together a better collection. Enjoy this excellent rock and roll worship experience!

Olin Jenkins   January 31, 2002



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