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  Can You Hear Us?
Artist: David Crowder 
Label: Sixstep Records 
Length: 11 tracks/55:25 

David Crowder may not be the most recognizable name in the modern praise and worship scene, but he is one of the most talented.  His first release was a fantastic mix of acoustic modern rock and heartfelt lyrics to God.  His second release with his band The David Crowder Band is a little bit of a departure from the debut release.

The first release, All I Can Say, was a predominately acoustic album with some electric guitar work and a little bit of programmed drums.  This release, much like the newest album from Sonicflood, incorporates more electronic elements.  Synthesizers, drum machines, and some scratching can be heard on Can You Hear Us?

The album opens up with a fairly simple acoustic guitar over an apparent cricket chorus faintly heard in the back ground.  The opening track "I Need Words" is true to form for David Crowder and band.  The song is a simple prayer for the presence of God.  The song leads right into the second track, "Our Love is Loud."  The song has some synthesized "noises" mixed into it and an upbeat sound that is sure the be a modern worship standard.  The simple chorus is easy to sing along to:

We love you Lord
We love you
We love you (repeated)

Our love is big
Our love is loud
Fill this place 
With this love now (repeated)

"Obsession" has the more acoustic elements that were the signature of the first album.  With the passionate lyrics poured out to God, "My heart burns for You, My love for You, my heart for You, my life for You, all I am for You" is just a taste of the pure emotion that this track has packed into it.  The album closes "officially" with a Crowder's take on Matt Redman's "Undignified" which The David Crowder band does nicely.  The song stays true to the original, but has enough Crowder in it to make it his own.

The album is good.  Not as passionate as the All I Can Say release.  This album would be considered more praise, while the debut release was more worship.  But David Crowder is an example of what is right with the most popular segment in Christian music today.

Aaron Bell 1/7/2002
Swift Kick Entertainment 



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