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Manifest Destiny
Artist: Comunalien 
Label: Syntax Records 
Length: 17 tracks, Length: 53:18

Comunalien (pronounced "common alien") is made up of  Nickels (Jackson Johnson) and the late Reuben Antonio Paulson.  The duo recorded a lot of material prior to Paulson's death in 1999, and that music is just now being released to the public.

The disc consists of rather straightforward hip-hop with Paulson's deft rap stylings right up front.  Lyrically, however, it is hard to understand what many of the songs are about, especially on songs like "Shroud of Turin" and "Pseudo-Escatology" where the listener really wants to hear where the band is coming from theologically.  Best songs on the album are "Comunalien," "Who Alone," "You're So Hip-Hop," and "Typical."  Also interesting is the pro-life "Silent Screams 2."  Some might be a bit uncomfortable with "You're So Hip-Hop" and its rather frank description of Homosexuality and other mature themes.
Ken Mueller  12/1/2001



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