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Artist: Company 
Label: Metro 1 Music
10 tracks, length: 41:50 

In my never ending quest to find worship discs that are both hip and truly relevant and worshipful, I've been disappointed time and time again.  Worship, by definition, is meant to be God directed, but most worship CDs have celebrity worship leaders who are way too prominent, and the music ends up being more directed at making the "worshiper" feel good.  But I've found another rose among the thorns.  Company is a band that creates a truly worshipful atmosphere with finely crafted songs, and no ego.

Company is made up of Frank Lenz, Dicky Ochoa, and Elijah Thomson, though there are no pictures of the band in the packaging, and only their last names are used.  The band says that "the focus is simply Christ, and the songs tell of our terrible need for him."  Most of the songs are originals, with a few hymns thrown in for good measure.  As well as being accomplished musicians and producers, these guys also form the core of the worship team at First Presbyterian Church in Hollywood.

Musically this is a blending of alternative/acoustic sounds with a traditional singer/songwriter sensibility, and a few bells, whistles, and loops thrown in to fill out the sound.  Vocally there are many similarities to Ochoa's earlier solo effort for Metro 1 (another fine worship-oriented disc in its own right) as he takes the lead vocals with beautiful harmonies thrown in by the others.  Most impressive songs on the disc include "I Fall Apart," "Precious Christ," "Christ Take My Life," and  "I Shall Sing of Thee." There's even a dreamy little hidden song you'll find if you listen all the way through.

It's amazing how talented and versatile guys like Lenz and Ochoa can be, and they are already working on Company 2.  And of course this begs a question:  how many cool bands are these guys capable of being in?

Ken Mueller  10/12/2002 
Radio Curator, The Museum of Television & Radio


Company is a band of three who wish to place the emphasis of their music on Christ.  The liner notes do not list their first names, does not show their pictures, and does not feature lyrics.  The only album art is a close up of a rose bush on the front cover.

Given their anonymity, you might be tempted to think the music here is something else that does not deserve your attention.  This would be an error on your part.  Company is a modern worship album that exhibits some wonderful guitar work, with vocals that range somewhere between Mac Powell, Cush, or a more coherent Eddie Vedder.  

The album contains both modern music (“I Fall Apart”) and traditional tunes (“My Jesus I Love Thee”).  “Beautiful Thing” is backed by same Eric Clapton style guitar.  “Faithful” is a contemplative instrumental.  

Company is worth repeated plays ­ do not let the lack of recognizable names fool you.

Brian A. Smith 27 October 2002

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